** New Book About Ron Paul ** with Dr. Walter Block

Radio Free Market is proud to air an interview with Dr. Walter Block author of “Ron Paul for President 2012”.

This book has been endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul and contains everything one would wish ti know about Ron Paul’s positions as a presidential candidate.

Learn why our world-wide military presence actually detracts from our national security.

Learn what Dr. Paul says about the link between the Federal Reserve and our out-of-control federal government spending.

Learn why Dr. Paul is NOT a conservative but a libertarian, (and learn the crucial difference).

Learn how Dr. Paul so ably handles hostile interviews!

Learn why Dr. Paul is the only candidate who will both revive our economy AND restore our liberties.

(Hint: the other candidates think that reviving our economy and restoring our liberties are not compatible.

Please listen to this interview and learn why you will want to not only read but purchase for many others.

With Radio Free Market Contributor Mr. Patrick Barron.

Listen here (~20 minutes).

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