Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo on The REAL LINCOLN 01/15/11 RFM

**LIVE CALL IN SHOW: The REAL LINCOLN with Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo** Dr Dilorenzo, Professor of Economics at Loyola University in Maryland, is the author of The Real Lincoln, Lincoln Unmasked and How Capitalism Saved America.

This interview will have the effect of changing most of our listeners lives – permanently. Abraham Lincoln enjoys almost Saint Status in our American Culture. We have all been taught that Honest Abe is to be blindly revered – and indeed he is. But does he deserve this stature?

In one of our most important shows Dr DiLorenzo tells us the Complete and Quite Shocking Story and Corrects the Longstanding Myths held by most Americans about Lincoln.  You will learn How Lincoln Centralized Power to the Federal government at the Permanent Expense of Free Speech, Civilian Lives, Hard Money, Habeas Corpus, and Free Trade. You will learn Why and How the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s disastrous actions changed US and 19th century World politics toward More Powerfully Centralized governments — the effects of which we are reeling from yet today.

We will also discuss the new upcoming course that Dr DiLorenzo will be teaching ONLINE that we at Radio Free Market highly recommend all listeners enroll in. This 6-week Mises Academy course, The Great Centralizer: Lincoln and the Growth of Statism, begins on January 18 2011. You can read an excellent summary about it, linked here, and learn more about the Mises Academy course itself, linked hereMs. Zoe Russell will be the Guest Host for this vitally important *LIVE CALL IN SHOW* that you will want to share with everyone you care about.


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