Mr. Douglas French on Hurray For Deflation! 06/5/10 RFM

* Hurray For Deflation! * Interview with Mr. Douglas French, the President of the Mises Institute in Auburn Alabama ( Mr. French is a former banker who received his Masters Degree in Economics under Drs. Murray Rothbard and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. In this show Doug, will explain how Deflation is not to be feared but, rather, it is Planned Inflation that is the really bad thing; deflation improves the purchasing power of our money.  He will tell the history of the USA in the late 1800’s and how deflation caused prices to go down year after year yet Wages Went Up 23% !  He will explain why Deflation is the Path to Greater Prosperity that allows businesses that should fail – to fail. This show will completely change – and improve – the way you look at your money, your job, your business and the economy. You will want to study this show. Hosted by Michael McKay along with Special Commentator Mr. Patrick Barron who teaches An Introduction to Austrian Economics at the University of Iowa.

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