** How To Be A Dictator In A Few Easy Lessons ** with Mr. Harry E. Teasley, Jr.

Mr. Harry Teasley, Jr.

This show was developed from an essay about Mr. Teasley which can be found here. Teasley has spent his life confronting and triumphing over bureaucracy. His business career was spent at the Coca-Cola Company as head of various lines of business. His nickname was “Thor” for his willingness to confront the evils of bureaucracy and its mindless agents.

Mr. Teasley’s experience with bureaucracy included federal, state, and local government, labor unions, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), environmental protectionists, Coca-Cola itself and other corporations. Since retiring, Mr. Teasley has served as the chairman of the Reason Foundation and has successfully defeated numerous government attempts to infringe on the free market and usurp private-property rights in Tampa, Florida.

All Dictators and Bureaucrats want to know:

1. How can I make my bureaucracy last as long as possible?

Answer: Just look after your own self-interest… but use other people’s money instead of your own!

2. What if my bureaucracy doesn’t solve the problem it is supposed to solve?

Answer: Excellent! That means more revenue for your bureaucracy, a bigger bureaucracy, and more power for you and your bureaucrat friends.

3. What if the bureaucracy actually makes the problem better?

Answer: Red Alert!

You need to convince the public that there still is a crisis, whether a crisis actually exists or not.

Harry Teasley explains how most crises are simply cover stories invented by the industries that will benefit from the crisis.

4. What if the people find out that the crisis doesn’t exist and/or the bureaucracy is not accomplishing its stated aims and/or is incredibly corrupt?

Answer: A better idea than damage control is DO NOT allow the public access to the information that will enable them to see through the fog in the first place.

Control the flow of information, and the game is largely won.

This interview will give you new eyes to see how abusive bureaucracies are

  • Formed
  • Fed and
  • Made permanent

We cannot get rid of the excesses of Big Government unless we all clearly understand how the individual pieces of Big Government – each bureaucrat – thinks and how they struggle to make their “small kingdom” bigger and more “important”.

With Radio Free Market Producer and Special Guest Host, Patrick Barron.

Thank you for listening!

You can find the link to the mp3 of the show here.

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