Mr. Hunter Lewis on The Destructive Economics of John M. Keynes 05/28/11 RFM

** He Created Misery for MILLIONS and for Generations; The Destructive Economics of John M. Keynes – definitively debunked and finally CRUSHED! ** with Mr. Hunter Lewis.


Mr. Hunter Lewis is the author of the extraordinary book, Where Keynes Went Wrong: And Why World Governments Keep Creating Inflation, Bubbles, and Busts.

Who was John Maynard Keynes?


a.) THE most influential economist of the 20th Century.

b.) THE biggest intellectual FRAUD of the 20th Century.

c.) The person, whose extensive influence over government’s official economic policy, sold his theory which condemned millions to misery and greater poverty.

Is it really possible that destruction creates wealth, as Keynes taught? If that were so then we should routinely burn our own houses down because then they would have to be re-built!

Is it really possible that spending generates economic growth? Can we spend our way to Wealth?

Is it so that consumption is all that matters? Or is it all much different and much simpler than Keynes would have you believe?

Join us as we discuss how the true prescription for the economy – one based on Reality Economics – is the approach of Common Sense, and without the convoluted reasoning and paradoxes of Keynes’s failed teachings.

Keynes’s ideas were greeted with enthusiasm and implemented by governments around the world during the Great Depression  the 1930’s, ensuring that the Great Depression lasted not a few years, but over a decade.

And today, despite being discredited by the historical record, world governments continue to implement the ideas of Keynes through planned inflation, runaway deficit spending, and fiscal irresponsibility.

Tune in as we learn from Mr. Lewis how to effectively debunk and crush the idea of Mr. Keynes and how to bring back Reality Economics and Common Sense.

This show was Created by Mr. Christopher Opperman who is the Guest Host for this vitally important interview. You will want to listen in and share this show with your family, friends and all those who are important to you.

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