Dr Paul Prentice on The Moral Basis of Capitalism – Part I 10/09/10 RFM

** The Moral Basis of Capitalism – Part I – with Dr Paul Prentice **

Dr. Paul Prentice is a Founding Faculty and Professor of Economics at Yorktown University, an Adjunct Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the Founder and President of the Pikes Peak Economic Club in Colorado.

We will discuss Capitalist Ethics, The Capitalist Golden Rule and How these are Very Different from the Socialist Ethics promoted by Marx, Lenin, Hitler – and still being promoted today! 

This show will lay out in a systematic fashion the basic ABC’s of How Ethics is the Foundation of Law and Economics.

Dr. Prentice so deeply and richly presents these Principles we couldn’t fit it all into one show.  We are planning a second show on this topic with him in the near future to bring out even deeper layers of this fundamental understanding of How We Can Re-Establish the Connection between Morality and Prosperity.

With Special Commentator, Christopher Oppermann, Graduate of Mises University 2008, 2009 and 2010. Hosted by Michael McKay.


[audio http://radiofreemarket.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/rfm_paul_prentice_100910_final.mp3]
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