Mr. Hunter Lewis on Keynesian Economics: Creating Misery for Generations, Part 2 10/15/11 RFM

** Keynesian Economics: Creating Misery for Generations, Part 2 ** with Mr. Hunter Lewis

Mr. Hunter Lewis is the author of the extraordinary book, Where Keynes Went Wrong: And Why World Governments Keep Creating Inflation, Bubbles and Busts.
The deeply flawed economics of John Maynard Keynes has, for the last 70+ years, promoted the notion that you can Spend Yourself To Wealth and that the Path to Wealth is Through Debt. This defies common sense based Reality Economics and has only succeeded in creating poverty and misery for millions around the world.
How has the world been fooled for so long?
One answer is that the economics profession to this day conceals these nonsensical theories by coating them with abstract technical jargon and complex math and models; but underneath they are the same destructive lessons.
A second answer is that people don’t generally question how things work until – like now – their world is in crisis.
A third reason is that Government Policy Makers L-O-V-E the “intellectual cover” they get from Keynes’s praise of “Deficit Spending” which, for them, equals “All you can spend”.
Keynes promoted non-sensical contradictions, he called “paradoxes”, like these:
  • Destruction Creates Wealth, that earthquakes, hurricanes and the misery of war produce prosperity.
  • That Saving Money Is Bad, and going broke through debt is good! This is why Radio Free Market Founder Michael McKay calls Keynesian Economics “Shop Until You Drop Economics”.

Join us as we continue to expose Keynesian economics for the intellectual fraud that it is.

In this vitally important show you will learn how to topple Keynes’s failed system once and for all by answering it’s tenets with sound Reality Economics.

This show was Created by and features Guest Host Christopher Oppermann. Please see our Show Archives for Part I of this interview dated 5/28/11.

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