Dr. Art Carden on The Myth’s of Capitalism’s History 08/27/11 RFM

** The Myths of Capitalism’s History with Dr. Art Carden **
Dr. Art Carden is a Senior Fellow at the Tennessee Center for Policy Research and an Assistant Professor of Economics and Business at Rhodes College. He is also a Fellow with the Independent Institute and an adjunct faculty of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. His column “The Economic Imagination” appears weekly at Forbes.com.
Can you imagine living in 1750 or earlier when you could expect ZERO economic progress in your entire lifetime?
What a big contrast from today when the “Next New and Better Thing” is always coming out. Prior to 1750 all Human Beings expected very small, and rare, progress or improvements in every form of Technology, Communication, Medicine, Transportation – literally everything! In other words, advances were Big Surprises!
What Happened? What macro change occurred? Capitalism happened.
For the first time in history the common people, not just the aristocrats, became CONSUMERS and services and products literally exploded – with the net result of Improving life for everyone. We will discuss HOW this happened.
Was there a Backlash? You bet. Many who were invested in controlling the masses resisted improving the Human Condition. This heritage unfortunately persists to this very day by people who abhor progress.
In this fascinating and very entertaining show we discuss:
The myths of Capitalism’s History
How the Serfs became Consumers, and
Our Unlimited Economic Potential – if only we don’t screw it up.
This fun and lively conversation addresses issues that are relevant to all Consumers – and why we must correct for everyone the confusion as to What Capitalism IS and Is Not!
Hosted by Michael McKay.


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