The Competition of Crooks

Comments by Michael McKay

Every person that has had the pleasure to listen to Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe or to read any of his excellent work knows of his razor intellect and crystal clear explanations.

Great news: Dr. Hoppe has a new book out.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it is only available in German (Der Wettbewerb der Gauner, “The Competition of Crooks”).

Fortunately a recent interview by Andreas Marquart at has been translated into English and can be found in its entirety at

Here is a tantalizing tidbit from that interview:

“Democracy…is nothing more than an especially insidious form of communism.”

I will bet that most people have NEVER thought of democracy in this way. In the interview, Dr. Hoppe explains why this is the case.

There are several other wonderful – and clarifying – insights as well. I believe his most important is that most people are looking at the wrong “clash of interests … between employers (capitalists) and employees (workers), or between the rich and the poor.”

Professor Hoppe states that “As long as this myth prevails in public opinion, nothing at all will change and disaster is inevitable.”

Then Dr. Hoppe makes this key point:

“A fundamental change can only occur if, instead of this, the correct realization becomes generally accepted that the only antagonistic conflict of interest in society is the one between tax-payers, i.e. the exploited, and tax-consumers, i.e. the exploiters.”

Dr Hoppe states that the key to being liberated from the parasitism of the State is a change in the class consciousness of the population.

I highly recommend you read this short interview and for those of you who have not done so please read Dr. Hoppes “Democracy the God That Failed” and “The Ethics and Economics of Private Property.”

Please read this interview in its entirety here.

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