Dr. Robert Murphy on Who Correctly Explains the Boom and Bust Business Cycle 02/26/11 RFM

** Who Correctly Explains the Boom and Bust Business Cycle, Robert Murphy for the Austrians or Paul Krugman for the Keynesians – and Why Everyone Should Care.” with Dr Robert Murphy ** And FREE BOOK Give-away!

Dr Murphy is an Adjunct Scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and a faculty member of Mises University and Mises Academy.

Every day Professor Paul Krugman sings the glory of Government control of our Monetary System. In fact, from his pulpit as a columnist for the New York Times he has consistently complained that the Federal Reserve and the US Federal Government have not interfered enough and wants them to take even more Central Control.  Because the Mainstream Media allows no economist on the Mainstream Stage to challenge Dr Krugman, Dr Murphy recently offered to publicly debate him and arranged to offer a $100,000 prize go to a food bank charity in New York City if Dr Krugman merely shows up. Yet, this Nobel Prize winning Keynesian refuses to debate Dr Murphy, an accomplished Austrian Economist and Scholar – why? We can only speculate (see www.KrugmanDebate.com for more).


Are the Free-Market Austrians correct in their analysis of what causes the Boom and Bust Business Cycle? Or are the Big Government, Deficit Spending Keynesians? You SHOULD hear both sides and be very very interested – for Keynesian “solutions” are very different from the Austrian solutions.  Keynesians already affect YOUR life very significantly – YOUR Job and YOUR business depends on who prevails on this debate.  Listening to this show will allow you to understand why Everything you’ve been told by the White House and the Main Stream Press about this vital topic is simply – according to Dr Murphy and the Austrians – dead wrong.

Also discussed: Does the Federal Reserve really create money out of nothing? How is this even possible?

By magically creating money out of thin air can the Federal Reserve improve the economy or does it put us on the Road to Disaster?
The center of this debate is which Monetary THEORY reflects REALITY.  As Radio Free Market is deeply concerned with REALITY ECONOMICS (because Reality is NOT Optional) we can think of no debate more important than this one. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to get the ABC ‘s about this fundamentally important topic that all of us should have learned about in High School – but did not.

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