Mr. Jeffery Tucker on The Power of Manners and Human Cooperation 12/25/10 RFM

** The Power of Manners and Human Cooperation with Mr. Jeffrey Tucker**Jeff Tucker is the Editor of, the premier website in the world for “Step By Step” Education in Reality Economics. He is also the author of ‘Bourbon For Breakfast, Living Outside the Status Quo‘. Jeff presents WHY we all experience a more Peaceful, Productive and Prosperous Life – and Society – the more we CHOOSE to cooperate with each other – with Good Manners You have never heard ‘Economics‘ discussed like this before.  This is an interview you will want your children – as well as everyone else in your circle of family and friends – to hear and discuss!  Jeff presents a foundational understanding of HOW we can have a better world and WHY peaceful cooperation – and expressing Good Manners – is at the root of it.  Hosted by Michael McKay.

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