Euro Bank Holidays Ahead

By Andy Duncan

And no, we’re not talking about the nice kind of English bank holiday in the sunshine.

We’re talking about the kind of ‘bank holiday’ where you are frozen out of your own assets, and then these assets are stripped of value to save banks, bankers, governments, bureaucrats, and politicians from having to face up to the consequences of their own mistakes. After they have eaten their fill of your wealth, you are then handed the scraps (if you’re lucky).

Some interesting thoughts then, from Sir Martin Jacomb, about how the same governments which led the people of Europe into the horrible paper scrip known as the Euro, should lie them out of it, too:

Here’s a quote, with my emphasis:

"Experience shows that currency break-ups, like devaluations, have to be handled so as to avoid anticipatory speculative activity. The essential requirement is a single, unequivocal decision to revert to national currencies, reached confidentially by all 17 governments and announced without prior notice."


I love the political process.

Deception is openness. Ignorance is knowledge. Lies are truth.

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