Dr. Paul Prentice on Who Cares About Lower Prices? Answer: Consumers! 11/19/11 RFM

** Who Cares About Lower Prices? Answer: Consumers! An Interview with Dr. Paul Prentice.**
Dr. Paul Prentice is a Founding Faculty and Professor of Economics at Yorktown University, an Adjunct Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the Founder and President of the Pikes Peak Economics Club in Colorado.
Why are Prices so important?
Prices are the Language of the Market that all of us need to learn and pay attention to everyday. From Prices we know when to save, when to spend, when to wait and when to act.
What happens when Government Manipulates Prices?
What happens when Interest Rates are set by Central Controllers?
ANSWER: The Market is then operating on “Made Up” data.
In this interview, Dr. Prentice explains how Prices serve as signals, allowing us to coordinate our activity so we can cooperate with one another.
Find out how government “price floors,””price ceilings,” tariffs and subsidies all serve to distort the market by disrupting free exchange, making society as a whole poorer.
Dr. Prentice explains how economic freedom is related to personal freedom and that interfering in the economic realm necessarily involves interfering in the personal realm.
With Special Guest Host, Luke McGrath

Play mp3 here RFM_Paul_Prentice_Final_111911

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