Mr. Jeffrey Tucker on Occupying Wall Street: Crying Out for Bigger Government 11/26/11 RFM

**Crying Out For Bigger Government, Occupying Wall Street with Mr. Jeffrey Tucker**
Mr. Tucker is the President of Laissez Faire Books and former Vice President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Jeff is also an Adjunct Scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and a faculty member of Acton University. He has written numerous articles and several books including Bourbon for Breakfast.
Is there someone to Blame – and WHO is it?
Angry people have hit the streets with a strong voice. Many of these people are unemployed and are correctly outraged that Big Banks have been bailed out by Government.What do they think will solve their Personal Problems and Society’s Problems? Many demand that THEY TOO should get Bailed Out By Government. Will this solve their problems?
How RADICAL are these people and these ideas?
Actually, this ‘Bailing Out’ concept is an Old Statist Idea, shared by BOTH the Big Banks AND the Occupy Wall Street Protesters who want Anybody-But-Me-To-Pay.
At the root of this thinking is the belief that "There IS a free lunch out there and I deserve it." BOTH ignore the economic reality that Somebody Always Pays, now or later, and that there is no such thing as a free lunch.
Won’t raising the minimum wage to $20 an hour help the poor?
Many of the Occupiers certainly think so. Why not increase the Minimum Wage to $100, heck $1000, an hour? Won’t that be 5X or 50X better? In this interview you will learn the causal relationship between Minimum Wage and Higher Unemployment. Find out why, if they got their way, they would create an EXPLOSION in unemployment that would directly hurt those people at the lowest income levels MOST.
Do we just need to get the "right" people in office with the "right" policies?
Can we "level the playing field" by increasing import tariff-taxes and charging even higher taxes on those with higher incomee? Or, will these ideas have the effect of lowering our Standard of Living?
Please join us for this important show to gain an excellent perspective on this important Social Phenomenon.

With Radio Free Market Show Creator and Guest Host, Mr. Aaron Brown along with Special Commentator, Mr. Edward Furst.

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