Dr. Ron Paul on What is Liberty? What is Self Ownership? 11/12/11 RFM

** What is Liberty? What is Self Ownership? A Special Presentation with Ron Paul ** 
In this Special Presentation we have taken a speech made by Dr. Ron Paul at the University of Iowa on October 21, 2011 where he takes on the role of Teacher.
* Was Government created to give us Liberty or to keep it from being taken from us?
*The Democracy of the Market leads to Liberty (good) while a Democratic Government leads to Tyranny (bad). Why is this so?
*How can we understand that Liberty releases Creative Energy while Regulation stifles it?
*Does Practical Military Defense mean…DEFENSE…or something else?
*Is Liberty a Whole that includes both Economic and Personal Liberty, or is Liberty divisible?
In addressing these fundamental questions: What is Liberty? and What is Self Ownership? we can come to better understand ourselves, the role of government and what is happening in the world around us.
Please join us for this rare opportunity where Dr. Paul carefully explains the key connection between Liberty and Self Ownership. This show can change your life.
With Special Commentator Mr. Joe Seehusen. Hosted by Michael McKay.

[audio http://radiofreemarket.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/rfm_ron_paul_final_111211.mp3]
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