Dr. Jeffrey Herbener on Inflation, Hyper-Inflation and How Money Dies 11/05/11 RFM

** Inflation, Hyper-Inflation and How Money Dies, An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Herbener **
Dr. Herbener is the Chairman of the Economics Department at Grove City College which is one of the premier schools teaching Austrian Economics. He is also a Senior Falculty at the Mises Institute and Mises University.
* Why does it seem that Prices always go up?
*What causes the Value of Money to sometimes drop quickly and for all prices to rise rapidly?
*What are the signs of High versus Hyper Inflation?
Most Importantly:
* Are we likely to experience Hyper Inflation soon?
Because the purchasing power of your money is important to you, Inflation and Hyper- inflation are vitally important concepts that you must understand. You will enjoy Jeff’s laser-like intellect as he makes clear the key concepts during this very important show.
Hosted by Michael Mckay with Special Commentator, Ms. Zoe Russel.

[audio http://radiofreemarket.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/rfm_jeffrey_herbener_final_110511.mp3]
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