Roman Skaskiw and Drew Hjelm on Soldiers Who Became Anti-War Libertarians 10/29/11 RFM

** Soldiers Who Became Anti-War Libertarians ** Reflections on their Military Service with Roman Skaskiw and Drew Hjelm
Captain Roman Skaskiw is a Veteran US Army Ranger who served one tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. He is a Fulbright Scholar who holds an Engineering Degree from Stanford. He has written for the New York Times online and currently blogs at . Drew Hjelm, who hosts this show, is also a Veteran of the US Military who was also deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.
What is a soldier? What drives people to serve in the Military?
Why is the image of a soldier so strongly idealized in society?
Why do many US Military personnel return from overseas and become libertarians?
Is there something about military service which makes people become more interested in preserving the liberty of their fellow citizens?
How does the Military fit in with the need for security in society?
Isn’t security something that needs to be publicly provided?  Is a system of private security possible, and might it even be preferable?
In this fascinating show we have two Veterans share their experiences of living in the Military and then returning home and gaining a whole new perspective on fighting for liberty and freedom With Show Creator and Guest Host Drew Hjelm

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