Dr. Walter Block on Socialism Has Failed- So Let’s Try Socialism with Health Care! 09/24/11 RFM

** Socialism Has Failed – So Let’s Try Socialism With Health Care! with Dr. Walter Block ** A Classic Interview with Dr. Walter Block kon Health Economics from the Free Market Perspective.
Dr. Block is an Eminent Scholar and Professor of Economics at Loyola University, New Orleans. He is also an Adjunct Scholar at the Mises Institute and the Hoover Institute.
But Health Care is Different! Oh Really?
Why not Food Socialism?
Or Shelter or Clothing Socialism? Shouldn’t we have them?
Why don’t we have food or Clothing Insurance?
In this provocative interview Dr. Block answers the most common objections to Free Market Health Care and simplifies many otherwise confusing aspects of the HealthCare Debate.
We will discuss what a Free Market in Health Care would look like and how it can work – practically.

This tremendously educating show could be labeled ‘ Health Care Solutions in One Lesson’. Hosted by Michael McKay.

Play mp3 here RFM_Walter_Block_Final_092411

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