Professor Christopher Coyne on The New Socialism? The Fatal Conceit of Foreign Intervention 09/17/11 RFM

** The New Socialism? The Fatal Conceit of Foreign Intervention with Professor Christopher Coyne**

Dr. Christopher Coyne is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University. Dr. Coyne is the author of After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy and the co-editor of The Handbook on the Political Economy of War.
What did FA Hayek mean by "The Fatal Conceit?"
What does Foreign Intervention have to do with Socialism? These questions are fundamental to understanding the failures of Central Planners trying to remake the developed world in the image of the United States!
Dr. Coyne lists the Four Parallels between Foreign Interventionism and Socialism and shows how they are not different at all!
Can economics show why foreign intervention leads to massive inefficiency due to the nature of bureacracy?
And what is the history of foreign intervention? Dr. Coyne shows that intervention has been unsuccessful in more cases than it has been successful.
What about the idea of humanitarian intervention?
Many conservatives, liberals and libertarians feel there is a place for ‘intervention’. Is there really? Is the best type of intervention, None?
Please join us for this excellent thought provoking show that may cause you – and others – to think about the world very differently. With Show Creator and Guest Host Drew Hjelm.

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