Audrey Spalding and John Payne on Guilty Until Proven Innocent 04/16/11 RFM

** Guilty Until Proven Innocent, The Crime of Civil Asset Forfeiture ** with Researchers Audrey Spalding and John Payne

Audrey Spalding is a Policy Analyst and John Payne is a Research Associate at the Missouri-based Show-Me Institute (, a donation supported 501(c)3 public policy think-tank that promotes liberty minded solutions to local policy issues.

Don’t be so quick to assume your city’s budget meetings are boring.

When Ms. Spalding went to her own city’s meeting, they were discussing a $1 million surplus from the “legal” theft of Federal Civil Asset Forfeiture.

What is Civil Asset Forfeiture, How does it work and How does it affect EVERY locality, including yours, in the country?

When Audrey and John learned that Missouri was one of the worst states in the US committing this form of government theft, they dug deeper.

Learn how this abusive “law” allows police officers to confiscate all of your belongings including your home…. and here is the real scary part…. without you having committed a crime.

Find out how you can be extorted into giving away your own belongings – incorrectly termed abandonment – by signing a waiver that turns your property over to the police. Please check out this link on which tells you just one story. You won’t want to believe this is happening in America – but it is! You will be shocked by this Highway Robbery committed by police that then hide behind this bizarre and horrible Civil Asset Forfeiture “Law”.

This is no joke – Your property can be sitting in police coffers for over a year without any criminal charges brought.

This can happen here. This IS HAPPENING here.

** The real shocker: YOUR city – today – is practicing Civil Asset Forfeiture. ** Discover how cities, states and the Feds abusively commit this outrageous and overt theft-by-government and how LITTLE you can do to protect yourself on this very important Radio Free Market show. This show will illustrate that famous warning of George Washington that ‘Government is Force. Like FIRE, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master’.

With Show Creator, Producer and Guest-Host Ms. Zoe Russell.

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Please read this
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Please visit and study the work of Americans for Forfeiture Freedom, a Non-Profit Organization.


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