Mr. Jeffrey Tucker on Planned Poverty: The Gift of Government Intervention 04/09/11 RFM

** Planned Poverty: The Gift of Government Intervention ** with Mr. Jeffrey Tucker

Mr. Tucker is the editorial vice president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the current webmaster for the institute’s website, Mr. Tucker is also an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and an Acton University faculty member. He has written numerous articles and written several books including Bourbon for Breakfast.

Why and how does the government and politicians stop and even REVERSE economic growth?
Sustainability, buy local, fair trade – these all mean the same thing – everything is going to get more expensive, and you are going to have fewer choices in every area of life.

Why is there a drive to move society backwards in terms of living standards and a romanticization of hunter-gatherer days?

Jeffrey Tucker presents to us the source of this pernicious trend.

Are you responsible enough to choose your own lightbulb?

The government doesn’t think so. Nor does the government think the American people are responsible enough to choose their own toilets, their own cough medicine, or their own cleaning products.

Is the government causing a bedbug epidemic?

Scientists are baffled. Austrian economists are not. By restricting your free choices in buying the kind of mattress you prefer the regulators have caused an outbreak in bedbug infestations all across America.

Is the government holding out a big sign to drug dealers that says “SELL METH, YOU’LL MAKE TONS OF MONEY!”?

Jeffrey Tucker will tell you how politicians are causing an explosion in methamphetamine production and expanding the drug trade.

How do government regulators make Americans sick and keep them that way?

Through restriction of choices in plumbing, recycling, medicine and food. This show is a Grade A example of unintended consequences as a result of CENTRAL CONTROL.

This show will put all the economic knowledge you have accumulated to good use, as you will see REAL-WORLD examples of the unintended consequences of government  intervention – and know WHY CENTRAL PLANNING INEVITABLY causes these disasters to occur.

With Radio Free Market Show Creator, Producer and Co-Host, Mr. Aaron Brown.


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