Dr. Mark Thornton on The War on Drugs – is it a War on Americans? 04/23/11 RFM

** The War on Drugs – is it a War on Americans? Re-evaluating the Insanity of Prohibition ** with Dr. Mark Thornton

Dr. Thornton is a Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute (www.mises.org). He has served as a faculty member of Auburn University and Columbus State University. His publications include The Economics of Prohibition, Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of Civil War, and An Essay on Economics Theory.

Does Drug Prohibition benefit Average Americans – or not?

The history of Prohibition is a long, fascinating and dangerous tale of Well-Intentioned-but-Misguided-Interventionists, Corrupt Businesses, and GOVERNMENT spontaneously getting together to hurt all of us – even the NON-Drug & Alcohol Users.

Dr. Thornton outlines the many reasons why prohibition fails – including how it makes the ‘illegal’ substances MORE POTENT and LESS SAFE.

Ever wonder Why FDR was so popular? Hint: it wasn’t because of the New Deal, but because he was viewed  as successfully ENDING PROHIBITION. On this show you will learn this rarely told part of history.

The War on Drugs has led to the US having the LARGEST Prison Population on Earth, yet the Drug Crimes continue to happen and the police state keeps growing – is there a better way?

We will also discuss how other nations are working to END THE DRUG WAR through legalization and the unique concept of de-criminalization, and how these programs are actually successful in other countries.

With Show Creator, Producer and Guest-Host Mr. Drew Hjelm.

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