Dr. David Gordon on Freedom Under The Law, Why Democracy Fails 04/02/11 RFM

**Freedom Under The Law, Why Democracy Fails and How Freedom and Prosperity Flourish Without the Violence of Government ** with Dr. David Gordon.

Dr. Gordon is a Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, is the editor of the Mises Review and has authored several books including Resurrecting Marx and The Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics.

Where did the term Rule of Law come from?

Do BAILOUTS for the politically well-connected seem compatible with the idea of Rule of Law to YOU? Learn the origins of this term, Rule of Law, and what it REALLY MEANS.

Was America founded as a DEMOCRACY?

Hear straight from the Founding Fathers what THEY thought about the concept of democracy (and why they wanted to AVOID it).

But isn’t democracy the BEST of all political systems?

Is it really so great? Bailouts, Punitive Taxes, Planned Monetary Inflation, Boom and Bust Business Cycles, Endless Wars – something is very wrong, and the first place we should be looking is the very essence of DEMOCRACY.

Do you REALLY think the ONLY way society can be organized is by giving ONE GROUP of people the LEGAL RIGHT TO VIOLENCE?

Please listen to this important show and UNDERSTAND the fallacies we’ve all been taught about the nature of democracy and government – and how we can STILL build a Society based on Freedom Under The Law.

With Radio Free Market Show Creator, Producer and Co-Host, Mr. Aaron Brown.


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