Dr. Roderick Long on Radicals for Peace, Prosperity and Freedom 03/26/11 RFM

** Radicals for Peace, Prosperity and Freedom: Answering 10 Objections to Libertarian Anarchism with Dr. Roderick Long **

Dr. Long is a Professor of Philosophy at Auburn University, Editor of the Libertarian Nation Foundation periodical Formulations and an Adjunct Scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

What is wrong with a Shoe Monopoly? Starting with this question Dr. Long presents to us an understanding of the multiple problems that Monopolies present and then focuses his analysis onto the Special Problem created by the State as a Forced Monopoly Power.

Students of this topic will notice that this interview builds on the excellent book by Franz Oppenheimer “The State: Its History and Development Viewed Sociologically.” In this ground breaking book the Six Historical Stages of the Creation of the State are revealed as:  Looting, Truce, Tribute, Occupation, Monopoly, The State. (you can read the excerpt of Chapter One here)

But don’t we need The State? Is it even practical to consider the option of a Stateless Society? How is that workable?

Dr. Long carefully presents to us that once we address the common knee-jerk negative reactions to the idea of a Stateless Order of Peaceful Cooperation, it is indeed both practical and workable.

As we see that governments are running out of money anyway, it is very timely for us to carefully examine how very little The State may actually be needed at all.

With Show Producer and Co-Host Mr. Luke McGrath and Radio Free Market Founder, Michael McKay.


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