Dr. Tom DiLorenzo on How Central Banking, Fiat Currency, and Inflation are Essential to Waging War 03/19/11 RFM

**LIVE CALL-IN SHOW** War and Money – How Central Banking, Fiat Currency, and Inflation are Essential to Waging War, with Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo

Dr. DiLorenzo is a Profesor of Economics at Loyola University Maryland and is a Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He is the author of The Real Lincoln, How Capitalism Saved America, and Hamilton’s Curse.

How are Wars financed? Could it be that Fiat Money and Central Banking play an ESSENTIAL role in Waging and Perpetuating War? How does Inflating the Money Supply allow for War to happen?

Who benefits when a country wages war? Does Central Banking only benefit the elite power brokers in the financial sector? Does War only benefit the military industrial complex or does it help create the PERMANENT Growth of Government?

What are the “SEEN and UNSEEN” effects of War? How is it Possible for Wars that take the lives of thousands of people last for Years and even Decades? When Wars conclude, are Civil Liberties restored to a pre-War status? What are the longer term effects of War on a nation’s economy and its people?

These wide ranging themes are a first for Radio Free Market and will provide you with a Fresh Understanding of the relationship between WAR, INFLATION and Central Banking. Please join us on Saturday March 19, 2011 at 1PM CT for a unique and Live Interview and *Call-In Show* with Dr. DiLorenzo.

With Special Commentators and Co-Hosts Ms. Zoe Russell and Mr. Andy Katherman.

*Please read this excellent essay by Dr. DiLorenzo “Inflating War”*


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