Two Good Articles that Reflect the Original Purpose of the European Union

Here are two good article about the real work yet to be done by the EU.  These articles reflect the original purpose of the EU as a voluntary organization of sovereign states that would cooperate to reduce trade barriers in Europe.  Trade barriers can take many forms as explained by Charlesmayne in the Economist and by David Willetts in the Telegraph.  Charlemayne makes the excellent point that the euro project threatens to undo all the good that has been accomplished over several decades to allow the freer movement of goods, services, capital, and people among the members of the EU.  That is a point that must be emphasized again and again.  There is a huge difference, too, between uniform standards that will reduce trade barriers and costs, such as common railway signals described by Charlesmayne, and regulations that add nothing to freer trade and serve as government protection for inefficient industries, such as those described by Mr. Willett in the scientific area.  Patrick Barron

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