Interview about the unstoppable movement to gold money

In this interview Mr. Egon von Geyerz says something that is very insightful; i.e., that the demand for gold will increase DESPITE interventions to drive down its exchange value vis a vis fiat currencies. In fact, the more governments try to intervene to drive down the price of gold vis a vis any fiat currency, the more fiat money they produce to do so…resulting in even more pressure to INCREASE gold’s exchange value. There are many perceptive and knowledgeable people throughout the world who do not swallow the Keynesian Kool Aid that fiat currencies are superior to commodity currencies. We know that the opposite is true, for the reasons given by Mr. von Geyerz; i.e., that fiat money is POLITICAL money and will be plundered to extinction. There is no power on earth than can stand up to the political pressures to plunder fiat money–the public will demand it!  Patrick Barron

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