** Educating for Liberty in Latin America: The Story of Universidad Francisco Marroquín **

Please join us for a fascinating interview with Giancarlo Ibarguen and Dane Starbuck to learn about Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala, the only university in the world dedicated to spreading the ideas of Liberty and Reality Economics.

What does an entire university education centered around the ideas of liberty and free-market prosperity look like?

We will talk about how UFM is fulfilling its missionof spreading its ideals by not only training future economic and business leaders, but also doctors, lawyers, dentist, architects, and psychologists – leaders who, thanks to UFM, will continue to promote and shape the ideas of liberty in Latin America and beyond.

What are you willing to do to stand up for freedom?

And we will also talk about Manuel Ayau, the courageous founder of UFM and a tireless advocate of freedom. Learn about how Manuel was moved by the poverty and corruption he saw around him, and believed that free people and liberty held the answer to prosperity.

Learn also about his courageous stand against those who, in the name of crony capitalism, desired to attack and discredit his efforts – and how he overcame them!

And we will also talk about how UFM, the institution he founded to spread these vitally important ideas, continues to this day to inspire and spread the ideals of freedom and liberty.

Our two guests will be Giancarlo Ibarguen, president of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, and Dane Starbuck, president of Friends of UFM.

Please join us for this interview that will inspire people all over the world! This interview was created and features RadioFreeMarket.com Special Commentator, Christopher Oppermann.

Play mp3 here    RFM Giancarlo Ibarguen and Dane Starbuck Final 072712

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