** Can Reality Economics Save Us From Crapitalism? An Interview with Michael McKay **

On July 10, 2012 Michael McKay, the founder of RadioFreeMarket.com was interviewed by Mr. Jay Taylor on his radio show “Turning Hard Time into Good Times” on the Voice of America Network.

In Part I of the interview Michael and Jay discuss Reality Economics:

  • What are the three non-debatable Truths underlining a proper understanding of Economics?
  • How important are Property Rights and is Money property?
  • What shifts in consciousness are going to be necessary to restore Freedom and secure Property Rights?

In Part II we talk about Gold and recent developments in Money and Banking:

  • How is Reality crashing in on Central Bankers?                                                         
  • How Gold is already becoming money – but not the way one might expect.

This interview provides fascinating insights into Money, Gold, Banking and how Reality Economics will prevail.

Please listen to the full interview here (49 min)

For Part I only listen here (32 min)

For Part II only listen here (17 min)

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