Sheriff Richard Mack on Is the County Sheriff America’s Last Hope? 12/17/11 RFM

** LIVE CALL IN SHOW: Is the County Sheriff America’s Last Hope? with Sheriff Richard Mack.**
Sheriff Mack, now retired, is a staunch defender of the Natural Rights of citizens as recognized in the US Constitution. He is author of several excellent books including The Proper Role of Law Enforcement and The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope.
In 1994 Sheriff Mack challenged the federal government’s encroachments on state sovereignty, a case that went all the way up to the US Supreme Court – AND HE WON!!
Is the local county Sheriff America’s last hope to limit Encroaching Federal Power?
Can extensive gun ownership assure personal liberty and provide domestic tranquility?
What is the proper role of law enforcement?
Who is the highest law enforcement authority in a county?
Who has the power to prevent federal officers from entering the county and the power to evict them?
In this remarkable LIVE Show you will learn about the UNIQUE power that Sheriffs hold in America and the details of his now famous Supreme Court victory – and more!
Please join us on Saturday, December 17th at 1 p.m. CST for a LIVE, CALL-IN show with Sheriff Mack.

With Radio Free Market Guest Host Mr. Patrick Barron. Sitting in as our Special Commentator will be Chester County (PA) Sheriff Carolyn Bunny Welsh, the only female sheriff in Pennsylvania and one of only a handful of female sheriffs in the nation.

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