Tears or Tear Gas: What is next for the European Union, the EURO – and What are Americans NOT UNDERSTANDING? with Vincent J. de Roeck. An Interview by Andy Duncan

Andy Duncan, our Radio Free Market World Report broadcaster from London, England, conducts a very timely and * Urgently Important * interview with Mr. de Roeck, an internationally recognized Economic, Financial and Legal Consultant based in Brussels, Belgium.

Just how close is the Euro and the European Union to the brink of collapse?

What will be the short-run effects of the latest EU summit, and its long-run effects?

Are we seeing, before our eyes, the creation of the Fourth German Reich, under a Greater Deutschmark, or

Is this political and financial mess simply the result of endless government interventions which will later beget further government interventions and more centralization, as Ludwig von Mises long predicted?

What else about what is happening in Europe is vastly under-reported and under-appreciated – especially in America?

Andy and Vincent also turn their razor-like intellects on the following vital topics:

* The banking technocratic takeovers of Italy and Greece,

* The collapse of the Belgian bank, Dexia and it’s little understood and significant connection to the Public Sector, and

* The re-emergence of the Belgian government, after it ceased to exist for eighteen months.

In this Scintillating Interview Andy and Vincent talk about the political train wreck known as the European Union and its poster child, the EURO fiat currency.

Whether you live in Europe, North America, or indeed anywhere, you will want to listen to this brief and powerful podcast so you can know how you can preserve your liberty – and your wealth – in spite of these unfolding events. (21 minutes)

Comment from Andy Duncan regarding the above:

“This is my own photo of the hilarious thirty- foot blue plastic statue of the EURO symbol, mentioned in the interview, taken when I strolled through the Willy Brandt plaza, in downtown Frankfurt one morning.

I hope to be there again on the day this ridiculous emblem of socialism is pulled down by good German folk, like one of those statues of Saddam Hussein.”

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