Dr. Ron Paul and Mr. Lew Rockwell on LIBERTY DEFINED: It is Time to Re-think Everything!! 05/21/11 RFM

** LIBERTY DEFINED: It is Time to Re-think Everything!! A BLOCKBUSTER INTERVIEW SHOW with Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell **


Dr. Ron Paul has tirelessly promoted the agenda of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom for decades. He is a Republican Congressman from Texas and is one of the most – if not the most – famous people in fight for Liberty.

Mr. Lew Rockwell, who is former Chief-of-Staff for Ron Paul, is the Founder and Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute (www.mises.org) and editor of LewRockwell.com (www.lewrockwell.com) which is one of the most visited websites in the world.

We are very fortunate to have these two Titans of Freedom to review and discuss Dr. Ron Paul’s new book, Liberty Defined: 50 Issues That Affect Our Freedom.

Lew Rockwell says in his review of this landmark book:

The worst effect of the state is intellectual. It puts our brains in a prison, simply by defining the terms in which we are permitted to think and speak. The one nonnegotiable point becomes the state itself. You are permitted to argue about what the state’s priorities ought to be (bombs or butter), but not to question the fundamental model of a state-dominated society. Believers in human liberty have played along with this game for too long.

Lew continues that in Dr. Paul’s "amazing book" he addresses:

…the big themes about what liberty is and what it is not. It is not, for example, something that is created by "public policy." It is not a piece of legislation. It does not emerge from the political process. Precisely the opposite: liberty is the absence of all these things. It is what results in the absence of state interference. Liberty’s only fundamental requirement is that the state let society alone to develop, grow, and prosper.

In this interview we discuss with Ron Paul:

**What can the US do to combat terror without engaging in costly wars that drain American blood and treasure on foreign soil?

**Why do we have Unsound Money, and whose fault is it that Americans are made poorer every year?

**How FDR’s "Four Freedoms" radically perverted the concept of Rights and reduced Freedom in America even to this day!

**How government embraces the immoral concept of the "Noble Lie" and why government transparency is essential for Freedom.

**What is the REAL PROBLEM with Government? Is it its form or its size? Can Democracy still work? Or can it only work for smaller groups?

**And finally a vision of how we can see a Restoration of Liberty in our lifetime.

You won’t want to miss this landmark event. Please tell all you care about to listen to this extraordinarily important interview on Radio Free Market.

This show is Created and Hosted by Special Commentators Mr. Drew Hjelm and Mr. Zach Halstead.

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