Dr. Mark Thornton on Strange Bedfellows, How Enemies Unite Against Liberty 01/29/11 RFM

**Strange Bedfellows, How Enemies Unite Against Liberty** with Dr Mark Thornton.

Dr. Thornton is a Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute ( http://mises.org/ ) and the author of ‘The Economics of Prohibition’.

In this fascinating interview Dr. Thornton explains how and why seemingly opposing forces will unite like they did to defeat Proposition 19 which would have made marijuana in California legal.

Why do so-called ‘Bootleggers and Baptists’ unite when they hate each other?

The fascinating answer is that they each have something to gain by limiting the Peaceful Liberty of others.

Mark will also bring out how the Free Market can answer the needs of society where, according to the local situation and decision of local business owners, some stores may have signs ‘No Shirt, No Service’ while others may want to have ‘No Shoes or Shirts….Come On In!’.

This show will cause you to ask yourself “What are the Groups (plural) that will benefit from this Government Action?  Taking this ‘Second Step of Logic’ is an essential habit that All Of Us should be doing automatically that will train us to look for the ‘Back Story’ behind every Law, Regulation and Rule.

With Special Co-Host and Special Commentator Christopher Oppermann. Hosted by Michael McKay

For more on this topic please see the following essay Bootleggers and Baptists in Retrospect

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