Mr. Kevin D. Williamson on The Path from Bigger Government to Smaller Government 01/22/11 RFM

** The Path from Bigger Government to Smaller Government ** with Mr. Kevin D. Williamson.

Mr.Williamson is Deputy Managing Editor of National Review magazine and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism.  Mr. Williamson will also discuss his upcoming book, provisionally titled Beyond Leviathan.  He will present why the Current size and scope of government is not sustainable and that society WILL be reorganized in ‘New Ways’But what will these ‘New Ways‘ look like?

Kevin will discuss how a Cooperative, Free Society–which is not an inevitable outcome of the demise of Big Government, but definitely is the preferable outcome–IS sustainable and will promote peace and prosperity throughout the world.  Among other topics Mr. Williamson will discuss how Sound Money can come into existence, how Home Schooling is preferable to our deteriorating and dangerous public schools, and how Mutual Aid Societies and Private Insurance Companies can provide better security than our current system which relies on coercive taxation. Join us for this provocative, important interview. With Special Guest Host and Show Creator, Mr. Patrick Barron.


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