Former Bank of England Governor Says Eurozone Must Break Up

From today’s Open Europe news summary:

Former Bank of England Governor warns Eurozone must break up if some members are ever to prosper again

In his new book, former Governor of the Bank of England Lord Mervyn King warns, “Put bluntly, monetary union has created a conflict between a centralised elite on the one hand, and the forces of democracy at the national level on the other…This is extraordinarily dangerous.” He adds that the measures aimed to keep the Eurozone together, such as bail-outs, “Will lead to not only an economic but a political crisis.” Lord King argues that the Eurozone must “face up” to its problems and the fact that some countries can only prosper again outside. Lord King accepts that “the counter-argument – that exit from the euro area would lead to chaos, falls in living standards and continuing uncertainty about the survival of the currency union – has real weight”, but sees little alternative for the struggling states.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

The fall in living standards would be temporay. A breakup of the euro will stop the consumption of capital that is made possible by the Eurozone’s bailout policies. The profligate countries of Europe would no longer have “legal” access to other people’s capital, namely Germany’s. They would have to reform their economies and live within their own, and not someone else’s, means. A breakup of the Eurozone would save Europe from its current socialist, capital-consuming structure.

Patrick Barron

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