My letter to the NY Times re: Safety net for regulators

Re: A Middle Ground Between Contract Worker and Employee

Dear Sirs:
Noam Scheiber’s report of how current labor laws cause unintended adverse consequences for new, digital companies should lead everyone to question the need for such regulations. Why not let employers and workers decide their own terms of employment? The safety net, so beloved of Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez, seems designed to protect his own job, that of other labor regulators, and busy-body pundits who fret over other people’s business. Labor laws raise costs and uncertainty, destroying job creation and threatening current employment. All employment is the result of cooperative interaction between employer and worker. The employer values the employee’s services higher than the money and benefits he pays, and the employee values the money and benefits he receives higher than leisure or alternative employment options. Where is the need for a labor regulator in this transaction?

Patrick Barron

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