How not to win friends!

From today’s Open Europe news summary:

Greek Defence Minister: We’ll flood Europe with refugees if Greece is ‘hit’ by Germany;

Speaking at a meeting of Independent Greek MPs yesterday, party leader and Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos argued that “If they [Germany] hit out at Greece then they should know that the migrants will get [travel] papers and go to Berlin.” He also reportedly added that if there were any members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State among these migrants, then Europe would only have itself to blame due to its behavior towards Greece.


In other words, “We take no responsibility for our own finances. Just give us the money or we’ll use the open borders policy of the EU to send all our undesirables, many of whom we admit may actually be criminals, to your country.”
Now that’s real statesmanship!
I think this is an object lesson in understanding the kind of people who rise to the top of politics under socialism. Not only are the members of the new Greek government socialists who wish to extend socialism within their own country, but they recognize that the very nature of the European Union has been transformed into a continent-wide socialist experiment. Therefore, statements such as the one above can be understood as simple demands that the EU execute its duty to bailout bankrupt members. Furthermore, they realize that the EU’s implicit if not explicit promise to bailout bankrupt members confers no legally enforceable obligation on its members to reform the policies that led to national bankruptcy and adopt policies that will bring it out of bankruptcy.
Patrick Barron
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