Keeping Greece on the EU Dole

Re:  EU official assures the IMF that it will continue to support Greece

Dole-QueuesThere was never any question that Greece would not get all the money that it wants from the EU and then even more from the IMF.  After all, the money that the EU throws down the Greek rat hole isn’t real money.  Furthermore, the EU officials who decide to squander it are not sending THEIR own money and are not democratically elected anyway.  The same is true of the IMF.

The EU and the IMF are putting entire nations of the dole.  The EU is admitting even more basket case countries for membership with the promise that these countries do not need to pay their own welfare bills but can send them to the EU.  After a suitable time and meaningless promises these countries will get more money too.

The EU is little more than a welfare plan on an international scale with the IMF as backup.  As such, the results are the same as putting individuals on welfare.  Personal responsibility, honesty, hard work…all the necessary elements of a truly civilized society…are abandoned.  Patrick Barron

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