Germany’s Merkel wants the EU to control national budgets

From today’s Open Europe news summary:

stuff1Spiegel: Merkel demands EU Treaty change to give Commission control over national budgets Der Spiegel reports that, in a meeting with EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel set out her proposals for giving the EU greater powers over eurozone members’ national budgets, a move which would require EU Treaty change. Merkel will reportedly insist on legally enforceable contracts between the Commission and individual member states, setting out their obligations for maintaining budgetary discipline and improved competitiveness. In return, Germany could agree to a eurozone budget which would amount to tens of billions. Finally, the President of the Eurogroup would become a “Euro Finance Minister”.
Spiegel Online cites Axel Schäfer, deputy-chair of the SPD’s parliamentary group as saying that “the SPD will not support any settlements if Merkel conducts parallel negotiations with Britain’s David Cameron over the transfer of EU competences back to member states.” Schäfer also warns that the SPD will not support an EU Treaty changes that trigger referenda in individual member states. Open Europe research: What to expect after the German elections Spiegel Spiegel 2 DWN Irish Times

What national government would ever agree to such a contract or honor it if it did?  Merkel has shown the true colors of the euro-federalists; i.e., that the nation state must subordinate itself to an unelected supranational body, in effect a dictatorship of foreigners.  As long as the EU exists the national governments will continue to raid the EU treasury, and they will NOT accept orders from Brussels and most certainly not from Berlin.  Merkel should mind her own business, set a good example (which Germany HAS been doing!), and leave the rest of Europe alone.  Germany should get out of the EU, open its borders to free trade, and reinstate the deutschmark.  THIS is the way to lead!

Patrick Barron

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