Listen to David Stockman on “The Great Deformation”

The Great Deformation

PickpocketThe above link to David A. Stockman’s speech at the Mises Institute on May 23, 2013 is well worth your time.  He discusses the main points of his new book The Great Deformation: the Corruption of Capitalism in America. There is a substantial Q&A as part of the one hour.  Although it is difficult to hear the questions, Stockman’s answers are as informative as his prepared speech.

Enlighten yourself about what is really going on.  Stockman does not adhere to conspiracy theories.  Instead he adheres to the stupidity theory that our monetary masters have no idea what they are doing or the consequences of their unprecedented interventions.  On more than one occasion Stockman says it is clear that they are “flying by the seat of their pants”.  The Fed and all the federal agencies that supposedly protect us from financial crooks have been captured by Wall Street insiders, who grow fabulously rich from the Fed’s interventions.
Patrick  Barron
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