My letter to the NY Times re: The Myth of European Solidarity

Re: Cypriots Feel Betrayed by European Union Dear Sirs:

flagsThe frustration felt by ordinary Cypriots is illustrative of the myth that Europe is moving toward solidarity, prosperity, and greater social cohesion.  The Cypriot crisis revealed the reality that lies beneath the Brussels rhetoric.  The Cypriots were fools to believe that they could engage in reckless economic practices, moving away from agriculture and into services, and depend upon the EU to bail them out of any setbacks along the way.  Just as each individual must rely upon himself and his own resources, the same is true of nations.  Just as in Greece, the Germans are being blamed for not coming to the Cypriots’ aid.  But why should they?  Would the Cypriots bail out the Germans, if the shoe were on the other foot?  Of course not.  Rather than build amity and good will, the EU has triggered massive misallocation of resources that has engendered enmity, distrust, and hatred.  This is to be expected from any government-run, socialistic wealth transfer union.  Patrick Barron
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