It Didn’t Have To Be This Way, An Interview with Professor Harry Veryser

Harry VeryserPlease listen to Patrick Barron’s interview with Professor Harry Veryser about his new book It Didn’t Have to Be This Way.

In this timely and provocative interview you learn the answers to the following questions:

  • How can Austrian economics explain the financial disasters of the last one hundred years?
  • Which international leader, other than Hitler, was most responsible for WWII?
  • Why did the Bretton Woods Agreement fail?
  • What has happened to US inflation since the demise of Bretton Woods in 1971?
  • What nation can break the mold and save the world from even worse financial disaster? (Hint–it’s not the USA!)
Professor Veryser teaches economics at the University of Detroit and his book has been recommended to people (like Central Bankers!!) who are not familiar with the Austrian school of economics, because it gives the reader a firm yet simple foundation in this school’s principles as it explains why various government interventions have always failed and indeed made matters worse.

The mp3 is here (30 minutes).

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