My letter to the NY Times re: Don’t you dare take legal steps to avoid higher taxes!

Re: Goldman Bonuses Won’t Be Timed to Ease a Tax

Sale ends todayDear Sirs:
So Bank of England’s Mervyn King finds it “a bit depressing that people who earn so much seem to think that it’s even more exciting to adjust the timing of it.”  Really?  He’s being disingenuous, of course.  Like every other parasite supported by confiscation of legitimately owned wealth, he just wants more of your money and he wants it now.  And it’s not enough that he wants more of your future earnings; he wants you to apply higher taxes in the future to your past earnings–a self-imposed ex post facto tax.  I wonder if he took his own advice and made a voluntary payment to the British Treasury in 2012?  Silly question, I know.  Patrick Barron

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