In the following podcast interview Mr. Mo Dawoud of “Wall Street for Main Street”, a Washington, DC think tank, asks Patrick Barron of Radio Free Market some common questions about our current economic policies coming out of Washington.

For example Mr. Dawoud asks:

1. Why haven’t we seen more price inflation given the Fed’s Quantitative Easing policies?


2. Are free market economists opposed to labor unions and, if so, should they be banned?

These simple questions–questions that are on the mind of most Americans–give Mr. Barron the chance to explain how the monetary and banking systems are related but are not MECHANICALLY inter-related.  You will learn why the Fed does NOT have total control over the money supply and why its current actions are very, very dangerous.  You will learn the true role of labor unions in a capitalist, free market.


Mr. Dawoud asks some common questions, such as,
This question gave me the opportunity to explain how the banking system works and what really causes price inflation.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igGOEN0B8gU]

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