Podcast Logo James Turk: “A lot of central bank gold is missing”

Duncan_GMY_124GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to James Turk, Chairman of GoldMoney and co-author of The Collapse of the Dollar (2004), about his claim that central banks are holding less in their physical gold reserves than many assume.

James Turk explains the problem that central banks report gold and gold receivables as one line item on their balance sheets. This allows them to lease out physical gold in return for paper claims – posing the question of just how much physical gold is left.

They also discuss the Gold Money Index and the gold-based Fear Index. Both show that gold remains undervalued compared with historical norms. They talk about how close we are to a “Golden Cliff”, where the western central banks stop lending out their gold, and what the systemic repercussions of this are likely to be.

Finally, they assess the chances of Western governments undertaking gold confiscation and capital control measures; the likely amount of physical gold held at Fort Knox; and the reasons behind their prediction of an upcoming failure of fiat paper currency.

This podcast was recorded on 30 November 2012.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYnEAHIwn5E]

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