Doug French’s top 10 books on money

GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to Doug French about his 10 favourite books written by Austrian school economists on the subject of money. Mr French is the senior editor at Laissez Faire Books and is a former President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, in Auburn, Alabama.

Here are the 10 main books discussed:

10) Ethics of Money Production, by Guido Huelsmann
9) What Has Government Done to Our Money?, by Murray Rothbard
8) The Mystery of Banking, by Murray Rothbard
7) History of Money and Banking in the United States, by Murray Rothbard
6) Early Speculative Bubbles and Increases in the Supply of Money, by Douglas French
5) Origins of Money, by Carl Menger
4) Human Action, by Ludwig von Mises
3) Man, Economy, and State, by Murray Rothbard
2) Money, Bank Credit, Economic Cycles, by Jesus Huerta de Soto
1) A Theory of Money and Credit, by Ludwig von Mises

As well as discussing these books, they also talk about Doug’s new venture with Laissez Faire Books; Good Money, by George Selgin, which details a period of successful private coinage in Great Britain; and the US election results.

This podcast was recorded on 7 November 2012.

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