My letter to National Review Magazine re: What Crimes Are “Hiding in Plain Sight” Today?

Re: “The Court Predator” by Mark Steyn

Dear Sirs: Mark Steyn makes clear–and, I am certain, the British police will discover–that Jimmy Savile’s criminal pedophilia was well known to British media elite for decades.  I ask you, what monstrous crimes are “hiding in plain sight” right now…celebrated, in fact, by the mainstream media and academia?  Here’s a hint–the criminal bosses are named Bernanke, King, and Draghi.  That’s right…our central bankers are as celebrated for their crimes as was Jimmy Savile.  It is right before our eyes.  All central bankers blatantly admit that it is their policy to debase the value of the money currently held by the people.  They blatantly announce targets of two percent debasement.  Bernanke will continue his debasement crimes until unemployment drops to a level that he personally approves, whatever that may be and whenever that may occur…if ever.  Draghi will debase the money held by citizens of the eurozone in order that the Greeks may enjoy the ephemeral benefits of the unsustainable welfare state.  (Well, it is sustainable as long as Draghi will print euros and give them to the Greek government.)  There may come a glorious time when these criminals will be sitting in the dock, wearing headsets, and listening to the roll call of their crimes, much as the post war generation saw the trials of the Nazis at Nuremberg.  Will we give any credence to their defense that they were only following Keynesian theory?  Patrick Barron

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