Why the Germans want their gold back

I suggest that you read this short essay by Matthew Lynn.  If nothing else read his reason number three, copied below, why the Gemans want their gold back (my emphasis in red):

3) Most importantly, German sentiment is hardening against the single currency with each month that passes. After all, what is a whole vault full of gold in the basement of your central bank good for exactly? Starting a new currency, of course. And, er … that’s about it. There’s nothing else you can do with it. In the most extreme circumstances, if the euro broke down chaotically and national currencies were bought back overnight, one of the key things the foreign exchange markets would look at when putting a value on the new deutschemarks, lira, or francs would be the amount of gold the central bank could back it with. That gold would seem a lot more valuable if it was held in your own country rather than a foreign one. The campaign to bring back the German gold is in reality a campaign to bring back money that people can trust. The political establishment might not have caught up yet. But popular opinion believes it was sold a dog when it joined the euro, and is already looking forward to the day when it escapes responsibility for endless bailouts of its neighbors.

The euro WILL fail, as explained by Dr. Philip Bagus in The Tragedy of the Euro. Patrick Barron

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