The Fastest Way to Understand the Achilles Heel of Socialism – and Government

Recently we posted on the excellent one hour and twenty minute interview of Andy Duncan by Mr. Greg Moffit discussing Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s historically important book Democracy: The God That Failed. 

I highly recommend you top off your coffee cup or glass of wine and listen to the entirety of that excellent interview (which you can find here).

However, for those of you that have only eight minutes to spare we have prepared an edited segment where Andy brilliantly outlines the essential two problems of Socialism:

  • Incentive, and
  • Calculation

I have never heard such a lucid and succinct synopsis that so perfectly boils down the problem and makes clear why Socialism cannot work. 

However, if you think just a minute longer you can see how Andy is also presenting the main two problems that prevent government from working:

  • Incentive, and
  • Calculation

A week ago I was talking to a gentleman who has been deeply involved with Party Politics in the USA for many years. 

He made the remarkable admission to me that he is starting to think that government itself is the problem. 

I jumped on this by asking  

Would you like to know why? It’s because government suffers from the same two problems that guarantees that Socialism cannot work:

  • Incentive, and
  • Calculation

From here it was easy to point out why Hans Hoppe’s rallying cry to PRIVATIZE EVERYTHING seriously deserves exploration. 

Andy’s short eight minutes of enlightenment will give you multiple arrows with which to bring down the Beast of Socialism and how we can transition into a broader ecology of Peaceful Cooperation. 

Please listen to the MP3 below.


Michael J. McKay


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