***Nullification Now! Why we Cannot Trust the Federal Government to Police Itself*** with Mr. Michael Boldin 04/23/12

Mr. Boldin is the Founder and Executive Director of the Tenth Amendment Center.

We are all taught in High School that the Three Branches of the US Federal Government insures ‘Checks and Balances’ that protect our Constitutional Rights. But, as we have all seen, this is not true; Unconstitutional Laws have been passed and upheld since the earliest days of our country…Why?

Because when something is Unconstitutional it is the STATES that must tell the Federal Government it has crossed the line. The tool we STILL have, but is under appreciated, is Nullification.

In this interview Mr. Boldin explains how we can use Nullification and why our Founding Fathers believed it was the most powerful tool to a) stop Federal grabs for Central Control and b) still keep us Unified as a Nation.

By declaring an Unconstitutional Federal law null and void – as we’ve seen some States do with the Real ID Act and Medical Marijuana – State legislatures are upholding their Constitutional duty by making sure the Federal Government does not erode our Liberty or further Centralize it’s power.

We also discuss whether the Federal Government responds to you – or is it DEAF to your voice?

With 100 to 1 telephone calls to the Congressional switchboard against bailouts in the autumn of 2008, it only took 4 days of sweetening the legislation that was then pushed through both the House and Senate. Again, when Congressional phone lines were jammed for days due to outrage over Obamacare, Congress maneuvered an extremely speedy passage of the 2,400 page health care bill – without even reading it!

At the nerve center of the Nullification Movement, Michael Boldin tells us about the initiatives on the horizon, including State Action To Nullify Obamacare, Firearm Protection Bills, Trade Laws, Currency Laws, and more. This show presents the opportunity to learn where, across the country, Americans are effectively fighting to restore Constitutionally Lawful Government.

This show builds on our July 24, 2010 interview with Tom Woods, available in our Archives here, where we reviewed his excellent book, Nullification.
With Radio Free Market Producer and Special Guest Host, Ms. Zoe Russell.

Play mp3 here    RFM_Michael_Boldin_Final_0042312

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